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60 Minutes: Extended Interview: Deepwater Horizon Survivor


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May 27: Isn’t it strange that this story appears to have gone nowhere? I expected to see other networks cover it and Congress interviewing Mike Williams. With the exception of Scott Pelley’s interview, there is nothing more on, or from, Mike Williams. What happened?

May 25

I want to know the names of the BP executives who made the decision to expedite production at the expense of the time and expense necessary to follow standard safety procedures. These guys are going to try to hide. We need their names, email, memos, phone logs, everything. We should be deposing all of the company employees who might know something about how the decisions were made and implemented.

May 24

Scottina unfortunately..has apparently never been around “Bad Things”. Im both a combat veteran..and an ex oil field worker. Mr. Pelleys story is hardly unique, nor is it unusual when Bad Things happen. Kudos to him and his good luck, along with his ability to keep thinking and moving. Due to Good Living, Good Luck, or some Supreme Being..take your pick, he lived and was able to tell his story. 11 others were not so lucky. Scottina..he/she/it..needs to get out in the Real World a bit more. Perhaps a job on an offshore rig? Gunner, Taft, California, age 57

May 24

How could this guy have survived two doors exploding into him and swim away without a scratch? Where’s the proof? He was the last man off and missed two boats having remained on the platforn while doors were exploding, blowing him against into the bulkheads. Wouldn’t all that force injure human tissues. Is this going to turn out to be a ballon-boy story? Why didn’t he drag the woman off with him? He mentioned he already knew she was gonna die. Wouldn’t she have had a better chance with him?
But wasn’t he in charge of the computers. Wouldn’t he have seen stuff happening on his computer screen. To enact shut-offs?


Barefoot Walking The Dog

Man, this has been a bitch this week. Had to go out and let the Dog visit. Realized that without any planning, and besides; it’s that time of year to toughen up teh feet.

So, here is where we went and what we did. And yeah, we both did it barefoot 🙂

First, we went up the street to where it hits the acequia madre, that is the main irrigation canal that feeds all of Carlsbad’s agriculture. We looked for some old friends as we went, but they had gone indoors, or elsewhere.

Cool. Then we went along the alley between the last street between the acequia and what is west of the acequia. This alley is south of of the Alta Vista Middle School.

It’s not a bad alley, as dog walks go. Mostly people and dogs aren’t there to hassle you. Sometimes they are there to say hi, and you can talk about what you are doing, like picking up pecans, or your respective dogs, or the weather. That’s nice.

The worst thing I’ve ever found in this dog walk alley was grey fox corpses. Left there to decay, they were. I wrote to the school and complained, but they didn’t do anything. Eventually the grey fox corpses just went away. Kind of like house cat kill, technically. But I didn’t like it. I’d seen those foxes, on these walks, some years back.

But I digress.

Okay, so here Casey and I are cruising down the dog walk alley. Oh, wait. I forgot some previous stuff.

The street that leads to that alley runs a couple of blocks. I have a neighbor on the corner, has little dogs some times. Chicano lady. Sometimes has yard sales.

I went out today with gifts. I know, I know. But I wanted to. And it was good.

I actually got to meet her, and officially give her a necklace of brass and blue coral beads. It was cool. We are friends now.

Okay, now back to the alley. The people with the rabid retrievers are long gone, so the next hurdle is the people with the pit bulls and varients. They have picked up a great deal. Their dogs are contained, and if they’re out there, they wave. Yay! good for them. (the humans, not the dogs)

Okay, now we’re out to where the alley hangs into the Carlsbad Acequia Madre, so to speak. Acually, it cuts back along the last block of home properties and leaves the Carlsbad Irrigation District to its own devices.

Always sort of a relief to get up there with Casey. Pretty barren, but there is water from the Pecos, and much less chance of loose dogs. The wildlife is easy by comparison.

This walk was not a wildlife walk, though. When we go down the Southern Canal (that’s what they call the Acequia Madre here) south of Greene Street (another main drag), it gets much more interesting, and after a mile or so, you get desert scrub, mule deer (coming up from Dark Canyon Draw) and even grey fox at times (which is incredibly cool).

We stopped before we went down into the cool road south of Greene St. Went back up into the south of town. Cruised up into some streets we don’t always walk.

Found some kids. Girl and two boys. Girl was like nine year old dark Irish. Boys: maybe eight year old dark African, and maybe 13 year old big brown ethnic something?

The girl jumped in to take charge. Kids are always pouncing on my dog.

The boys were happy to move in too, once their ringleader did it.

It was interesting. I liked it. The boys really seemed to be her gang. I didn’t see anything that suggested for a second that she was dissing them.

She was just there, and working with them. The entire interaction was really fluid, and friendly. It started out with a bit of “Whoa, what is this?” and I got into it with some “My dog loves people, he just jumps on people too much,” and it moved on a bit more into gentle positive social interaction, and then they all went off somewhere else, and then so did I.


More Thoughts on GBCW Banning on Daily Kos

Recently I saw a TTFN (ta ta for now) piece on the rec list on Daily Kos. It was there for hours. It constituted the usual GBCW “You’re all behaving terribly and I’m leaving” rant, with the slight variation of “I’m not posting a GBCW because I’m not that dramatic,” or something like that.

In other words, a GBCW without the GBCW.

Having been told by various and sundry at Daily Kos that the problem is too much drama on the site, I fail to see how their latest excuse for banning people (posting a GBCW diary) is solving anything.

I’ve always said it was a bad rule, because it falls under several definitions of bad law; poor definition of the problem, poor definition of the offending action that causes the problem, too much bureaucratic involvement.

To determine whether a rule is really needed, one must first properly define the problem. I’ll posit that the problem is not people posting pieces labeled “GBCW.” The problem is high profile users posting pieces in which they yell at the site and announce that they are storming off in a huff, especially when they do it repetitively.

Prima donna behavior is by nature manipulative, and people who engage in such are masters at dodging rules. The GBCW banning rule is a piece of cake for such. They will see it as just another way to get attention. First they can be martyred by being banned, then they can drive the admins crazy begging to come back, and if told no, they can go hang out on other peripheral blogs weeping and moaning and making accusations. This does not qualify as “reducing drama.”

I’m not long on rules, and I’m certainly not long on censorship. But I am long on defining problems. Sure, prima donna behavior is problematic – but only when it’s encouraged. So I’d like to suggest that the problem is not pieces called GBCW’s; it’s people encouraging prima donna behavior by recommending the diaries.

Now, the more rule-enamored of the world might take this and immediately jump to say that instead of banning people for posting GBCW diaries, we should instead be banning people who recommend them. Not so. What Daily Kos needs isn’t more rules, more censorship. What it needs is better mores.

Mores are defined as “the accepted traditional customs and usages of a particular social group,” and I think Daily Kos, even with all of its schisms and argument, qualifies as a particular social group. It certainly does have traditional customs and usages, many of which have evolved quite spontaneously. I think that the next step in site evolution should be evolving them more intentionally – not making more rules.

There is a good more already, that if other users hide a comment, you should think long and hard and be careful and read the context before you uprate it. That’s a good more. Similarly, one could encourage a more that one think long and hard before recommending a diary that effectively constitutes storming off in a huff. Sure, tip the tip jar, if you like the arguments and agree with the author. Comment away.

But think long and hard before you put that kind of thing on the rec list, because that’s where the real problem is. The entire grievance will become magnified, others will counter-attack with their pieces (which may wind up on the rec list too), real journalism will have that much less a chance of being promoted, and histrionic types who really are primarily motivated by getting attention will be encouraged.

The situation before the GBCW banning rule was instated, was that unpopular people who posted GBCW’s got roasted and popular people got on the rec list and got roasted by some and supported by others.

All the drama queen stuff and roasting and defending is just people being people. But censoring it doesn’t solve anything, it just opens the door to more censorship (and yes, deactivating someone’s account without guaranteeing to reinstate them is a form of censorship). There is all sorts of stuff that gets posted there that isn’t political, and lots of people who don’t like that. But I’m sure they dislike it less when it stays off the rec list.

If Daily Kos wants to have less drama on its site, then the popular people there need to stop stirring the pot with new ways to control people forcibly, and work more subtly about creating good mores for what is promoted. Promoting any kind of histrionics makes the site more of a spectator sport, where the recommenders are essentially playing a hard game of “Let’s You And Him Fight,” and less of the kind of informative site of breaking and underprofiled news that it is at its best. I’m sure that such an activity would be a lot more enjoyable and productive for the admins there, than endless haranguing about what is or is not a GBCW diary, and who should or should not be reinstated, because sooner or later, that’s what they are going to be up against.


Women & Bicycles

Hard to believe this is real, but I guess it is. h/t blog.kgsbikes.com. Chinese bicycle acrobatics.

Info Ladies of Bangladesh

The Guardian

InfoLadies of Bangladesh

Barefooted, some even stark naked, the kids follow her as if she were the Pied Piper of Hamelin. As boisterous cheers announce her arrival the women abandon their chores and elders jostle for attention. The men are on their best behaviour, teeming with a welter of anxious faces.

In the impoverished hinterlands of Gaibandha district in northern Bangladesh, a frail young woman on her bike is having a dramatic effect. And Luich Akhter seems to perpetuate her spell with perfection. In the sweltering post-monsoon heat that transforms the flooded nation into an open-air sauna, the 24-year-old looks immaculate as she negotiates her way through paddy fields, cows and mosquito-breeding ponds on a weekly visit into Panchpeer village.

In a place where women dutifully give birth in dingy huts, the men know of little outside their fields, and the world revolves around the local mosque; the sight of a “modern” woman visitor astride her bike is a spectacle. The more so as Akhter zaps around with gadgets like a netbook, GSM mobile, blood pressure monitor and pregnancy kit, all deftly packed in her shoulder bag. “It was a scandal when I started my rounds two years ago with just a mobile phone”, says Akhter. Now it is more of a phenomenon. She is treated like a champion by people whose lives she’s shaping with once “scary machines”.

(h/t gizmodo.com)

Chicago Sun-Times

Elmhurst woman charged with bat attack on cyclist

May 22

An Elmhurst woman has been charged with battery after she allegedly struck a bicyclist with a baseball bat.

The bicyclist, a 50-year-old resident, reported a woman in a Lexus almost struck him as he rode in the street at 3 p.m. May 16.

The bicyclist told police he caught up to the car at a stop sign and asked the driver, “What’s your problem?”

The man said the woman driver got out of her car with a baseball bat and hit him once and struck his bicycle several times.


News of Trashpicking

I used to live next door to the back alley of a member of a big chain grocery store. Where the trash bins are.

It became obvious pretty quickly that the dead stuff was only dead by caveat. If you catch it fast, you’ve gotten it for free.

It’s funny how that changes your head, recognizing that you’re a trashpicker.

Dumpster diving with purpose: Grand Rapids Freegans make political statement by searching through trash

May 16
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The small Grand Rapids group began online in October. About 30 people have joined, and five or six actually meet up to go diving. They have started to keep tabs on stores that don’t have compactors or locked bins, and have come to learn which will yield the most food.

Members meet at 10 p.m., wearing gloves, old shoes and clothing they don’t mind getting dirty. From there, they pile into one or two cars, stopping periodically to check trash bins. Afterward, they spread their finds on the ground and the goods are divided based on what everyone wants or needs.

“It’s focused around community more than anything else,” said Marie, a college student and the group’s founder, who asked that her last name be withheld because of the questionable legality of Dumpster diving.

This is about Freegans. This is their NYC meet-up site:

Sustainable living beyond capitalism

Do you want to reduce your consumer impact on the earth, humans, and animals? Are you concerned about the wastefulness of our consumer society? Learn how to find useable goods in the refuse of our throw-away culture, to identify wild edibles, to repair and rebuild bikes, clothing and more.

Independent Lens: Garbage Dreams

by Cynthia Fuchs

April 26, 2010

“I once went into Cairo to collect trash. I realized everyone was well dressed and I wasn’t, so I was a bit upset.” As 17-year-old Adham describes his revelation, he appears determined and self-aware, gazing calmly and intently into the camera. He is zabaleen, one of 60,000 impoverished Coptic Christians who live in Mokattam, outside Cairo: they have collected the city’s trash for 150 years. Adham is hardly content with his fate. Over low angle images of streets and trucks and piles of waste, he observes, “There’s the upper class, the middle class.” Adham takes a breath, then adds. “The nothing class: that’s us.”

The fate of the nothing class is the focus of Garbage Dreams, Mai Iskander’s remarkable first documentary, airing 27 April as part of PBS’ Independent Lens series. Following Adham and two other teens over four years, the film shows not only how they live, but also how they see themselves, their dissatisfaction as well as their ingenuity. Introduced as he’s counting and cutting cans to recycle, Adham seeks an alternative. At the same time, 16-year-old Osama can’t quite break into the garbage business; in fact, he’s having trouble holding any job for long, he admits, and the film shows him arriving late and suffering the complaints of his family (“He’s an irresponsible failure”). Working in a restaurant kitchen, he recalls his father’s warning, that “Garbage work is dangerous work.” Osama prefers washing dishes, he says, “because it isn’t hard like other jobs. Other jobs make my eyes pop out.”

Husby Experiences Dumpster Diving for a Meal

The Evangelical Covenant Church

ESSEX JUNCTION, VT (May 20, 2010) – Covenant World Relief Director Dave Husby fell on such hard times, he was eating cold pizza and French fries out of a dumpster.

Fortunately for Husby, those days were only one night – during a C.A.R.E dinner (Community Awareness Reflection Experience) at Covenant Community Church. Sixty people attended the event and were served by 20 people. At least some of the guests were, anyway.

The guests – who included three state legislators – sat at tables of 10 and drew strips of paper from hats that told them their fate. A lucky few were served a first-class meal and received five-star table service. Most of the others were part of the “middle class” and ate accordingly.

One person at each table pulled out the strip and had to eat what they found in the dumpster. The pizza and fries were packed in bags that were then retrieved from the dumpster.

Saving the World by Eating out of the Bin?

ABC News
May 21
Natascha Wank

(long piece about trashpicking in Germany)

It’s shortly after midnight on a Saturday in Mainz and a good time to swing by the local Rewe supermarket for a look.

Carring (sic) a backpack, Alex (whose name has been changed for the article), a 24-year-old biology student, is on his way to the store. The night is cold and the stars are shining.

Alex is a dumpster diver: Someone who doesn’t walk through the front entrance to the supermarket, but whose patch of turf is out back where the trash cans are kept. Their hauls can include salad with wilted leaves, dried-out bread or cookies in damaged packages — everything that shoppers inside the supermarket would no longer buy.

Busk Break: Gorgeous Doom’s Dumpster-Diving Ditty

May 14
Mountain Xpress
Steve Shanafelt

New Orleans-based band Gorgeous Doom have been busking downtown in advance of their performance at BoBo Gallery on Monday, May 17. We were lucky enough to catch the trio version of the group trying out some new material across the street from Pritchard Park. This song doesn’t appear to have a title yet, but we do know the basic theme. According to banjo-playing singer Josh Cole, the song is about “eating out of the dumpster.”

You can watch this at the link.

CU Bans Dumpster Diving University Police Say ‘Divers’ Confronting Students A Major Issue

Russell Haythorn
May 10
ABC7 News

BOULDER, Colo. — This is the time of year when college students start moving out for the summer, leaving behind an array of junk, or in some eyes, treasures, ranging from clothes, to lamps, to furniture. There’s even an occasional computer left behind.

But police at CU Boulder have a warning before you “dive” into that Dumpster: do it, and face a fine of up to $1,000.

Police say it’s no longer acceptable to rummage through someone else’s trash. That’s because there were so many Dumpster divers on campus last year, some students were actually afraid to go outside and throw stuff away.

Police also had a problem with non-students starting Dumpster fires.

What is a trash bin? How do we define that lately?

Well, big metal structure lined with filth. That works for starters.

Into which employees put things that have become defined as useless.

Food that was salable five minutes previously. Advertising displays that aren’t doing the job any more.

Shabby this, shabby that. And food.

Lots of food.

Masses of pasta delights, inundated with cheap vegetable oil. Out of date fried chicken, just recently.

Peppers drying out. Potatoes with sprouts.

And meat. But that tends to be dealt with otherwise. The rendering truck gets that.

It’s a fine art, being a trashpicker. Yeah, lots of bacteria in the vicinity. The best bins are ones you can watch.

Back when I lived by the trash bins, people would line up in the alley for up to 45 minutes, waiting, like so many hungry stray dogs. Waiting for the delivery.

Those Freegans are right in saying you should have rules. You should be polite, and you should not throw stuff around. You definitely should not intimidate the deliverers.

But it can get rough, it did sometimes, even in our little town here. I did know a guy who set teh Dumpster on fire once. He had problems. And the delivery was late.

Now he’s late. So it goes.

I think it is so weird that there is trash, that anything is trash. What terrible planning on all of our parts, that such a concept exists. Not to mention that it exists to the point where people make an entire living out of trashpicking, and have these fearful relationships with the people who throw away the “trash.” Something badly wrong there.


burrow owl rates

I used to hate this guy. Now, here he is on Daily Kos, shaming me.

yeah, I’m embarrassed. Big time.



Running Out Of Sheep

More cause and effect in the War against Terrorists


As I wrote about last week, American troops in mid-February entered a village in the Eastern Afghan province of Paktia, killed five civilians (a male government official, his brother, and three female relatives, including two pregnant women and a teenager) and then lied about what happened. ABC News this week described the efforts of U.S. Special Forces to apologize to Haji Sharabuddin — the 80-year-old patriarch of that family who lost two sons, two daughters and a granddaughter in the attack — by offering him two sheep (a gesture of begging forgiveness in Pashtun custom), and the article included this:

Presenting sheep is such a powerful form of requesting forgiveness that the father is now obligated not to take revenge, even though he has told reporters he wanted to become a suicide bomber. . . . But the incident so inflamed the family, the father initially vowed to take revenge, “even if it breaks me into pieces.”

“I have lost patience. I am obliged to revenge my martyrs,” he told an ABC News cameraman on March 18. “I will destroy everything I have and will launch my own suicide attack. My heart is burning.”

h/t primarydoc, Daily Kos. As he pointed out when quoting this – we’re running out of sheep.


Trashpicker Diaries; “Dumpsters”

First in a series

That’s a copyrighted word, isn’t it? “Dumpster?”

Trash bin, then. The trash bin. This is an essay about trash bins. And about trashpicking. There will be more. And anyone who finds this subject of interest is welcome to chime in.

What is a trash bin? How do we define that lately?

Well, big metal structure lined with filth. That works for starters.

Into which employees put things that have become defined as useless.

Food that was salable five minutes previously. Advertising displays that aren’t doing the job any more.

Shabby this, shabby that. And food.

Lots of food.

Masses of pasta delights, inundated with cheap vegetable oil. Out of date fried chicken, just recently.

Peppers drying out. Potatoes with sprouts.

And meat. But that tends to be dealt with otherwise. The rendering truck gets that.

I used to live next door to the back alley of a member of a big chain grocery store. Where the trash bins are.

Me and the people who were my friends then. We’d sit back there, and we’d watch.

And we’d trashpick, at every opportunity.

Because we could see it, see it going by. It became obvious pretty quickly that the dead stuff was only dead by caveat. If you catch it fast, you’ve gotten it for free.

We were trashpickers.

It’s funny how that changes your head, recognizing that you’re a trashpicker.


I have two refrigerators, and one is ill

I have two refrigerators. They are both at least ten years old. I don’t know very much about refrigerators. I know they have compressors, and I’ve heard that the older ones have fans, which keep the compressors going a lot longer.

But really, I’m not very informed about refrigerators. They are just tools. But they use up energy, and New Mexico is coal-fueled, so my refrigerators concern me.

One refrigerator is in the house without much air circulation. Neither of the houses have A/C. The one I sleep in, where my computer is, the one I read in, has an attic fan. That is great for cooling the house off in summer evenings. It’s a huge fan, and it points out, so instead of trying to push cooler air into the house, it pulls the hot air out. That’s good design, I think. It gets up to 110oF here in the summer at times, to put this in perspective.

The other house is where the kitchen is. The water is off there. I carry it into there from this house, in buckets and jugs, and I carry the used water back out, to use on the garden. I buy greywater friendly soap to facilitate this. The kitchen house is the kitchen house because that’s where the stove is, and the gas hookup. And because there’s a room that is a kitchen. It has cupboards too. Counters. Sink. Not hooked up, but still handy. Buckets, this is all about buckets.

The refrigerator in the kitchen house was the “good” one, with the separate freezer compartment. The freezer is working fine, but the refrigerator is cratering. I gather they have separate compressors.

This is a self-defrosting refrigerator, so it uses up more electricity. It also uses up more electricity because it gets so hot in there in the summer, what with there not being an attic fan, not to mention it being the kitchen.

So, I’m thinking maybe I should turn that refrigerator into an ice box for cool storage, instead of it being a refrigerator. I could freeze the ice in my other refrigerator, if I stop using the freezer in the kitchen refrigerator.

My other refrigerator is an older model, I gather. It runs me half as much in electricity. It may only have one compressor; I’m not sure. But it’s working okay, though it tends to freeze produce after a day or so, since the freezer and refrigerator compartments aren’t as well separated.

But since I keep my food in the kitchen house, I was thinking; okay, maybe if I could keep that refrigerator cool enough to keep stuff from getting stale, from getting bugs in it. Maybe I could store root vegetables in it briefly. Maybe I could freeze ice in half gallon milk bottles and keep it cool that way. Keep it about at 60oF?

Because, even though it’s a dying refrigerator, it’s still a useful device. Well insulated. Door seals well. Easily cleanable. Why get rid of it? I don’t really need two refrigerators, do I? This is a pretty complicated and elegant object, this dying refrigerator.

It’s very handy to have two refrigerators, of course. If one goes, you still have the other. Good if you like to put up food. Good if you like to buy in bulk. Good if you don’t have air conditioning.

I always figured one of them would go sooner or later, and guessed it would be that one. They’re both very noisy, but that one makes some really spectacular grinding noises at times.

I plan in advance for these events, sometimes at great length.

It would, in a way, be freeing to turn off that refrigerator. I don’t have too much in the freezer right now. Maybe I could just set the refrigerator so it doesn’t do much and then use the freezer for longer term storage so I didn’t have to open it much. That might cut the electricity usage in half.

Or maybe I could stop keeping frozen stuff around. The refrigerator in the house with the attic fan, the one I’m typing in, freezes stuff okay. So far.

I don’t like overusing such objects. I’ve been trimming my easement the last few days. I do this as infrequently as possible. It’s not really my easement. It belongs to the city. But I have to maintain it or they’ll yell at me. It’s about as big as my yard; really broad easement. Maybe 1/4 acre. I have a corner lot, double lot. Two houses, both with a lot of problems.

Since it’s not my easement, but I have to take care of it, my goal is to imitate what would happen if there were occasional herds of herbivores coming through. That’s ecologically solid.

My easement is quite pretty in the spring. The wildflowers get better every year. Sometimes I throw in seed. I never take away the trimmings, though. I leave them for mulch. This works.

When it rains, it gets quite green, really quite lovely in the early spring. Summer comes early here, though; then it dries out. But then the Mexican hats start getting going. They are what inspired me originally to do this.

My neighbors mostly mow their easements, and keep them to Bermuda grass. You can’t do that and have a pretty easement here, unless you are really, really into lawns. Otherwise you just have some ugly brownish scrubby Bermuda grass stubs. Yuck. I’m the pretty one here!

My trimmer has lasted a few years so far. It’s getting a little rattly though. I would handtrim everything but I run out of steam, my joints get tired, and the city gets mad.

So I get out there with my line trimmer a couple-three times a year. Occasionally people come by and ask me if I need to buy a lawn mower, or hire them to work up my distressingly untidy yard.

No. I don’t need mowing. I’m not cutting everything. I’m sculpting, kinda.

And even though New Mexico runs electricity on coal, at least electricity doesn’t have to run on coal. Lawn mowers run on gasoline, mostly. Yeah, you can get electric ones. But you can’t sculpt with them.

Reminds me of a time I was in charge of a public rose garden, that later went south (too much rot, the rose bushes were very old; sad). Woman came by, pointed out to me that I could cover the rose bushes in plastic, spray herbicide. Be much easier, she pointed out, with a bit of condescension.

Yeah, I knew that.

Hell, we could just junk all of these rotten old roses and let it all be Bermuda grass, for that matter (that eventually happened. It wasn’t a really good spot for roses, though).

And I could just junk both of these refrigerators and buy a new one, or a refurbished one.

But I never do that with stuff that’s still working. And sometimes even when it’s not still working, I don’t do it. I try to think about it first. What do I really need? What are the problems I’m trying to solve here? What could this be used for differently?

And mostly, how can I save using fossil fuels to run any of this? Because I think about that every day of my life. So, today my refrigerators are taking the forefront.

On the plus side, I recently invested in new bicycle tires for my non-standard 28″ wheel bicycle. Top of the line, Kevlar reinforced. Yeah, that’s technology, can’t get away from it. Somebody had to burn some energy to make those.

But boy it was good to do that. Got me much more bombproofed far as transportation goes, out here with the goatheads and other spiny things on the roads.

I wore my first set down to a nubbin before I bought these. When it gets to where it’s the Kevlar keeping the tire together, though; that’s when it’s time.

As for the refrigerators, I’m guessing I’m going to have to get a little more organized about perishables…just buy what I need, on a more or less daily basis. I can go fetch it on my newly Kevlared bicycle, so that’s no problem. But one way or the other, my electricity bill is going to go down a little, along with my contributing to coal burning.

And…that’s good!


Daily Kos Bans pantherq

pantherq is a transgendered male human (started as female) who has been blogging on Daily Kos for some time now. He’s experienced rejection by his family and homelessness. He has expressed suicidal ideation.

Most recently he has fallen victim to Daily Kos’ new banning rule: if you post a GBCW (goodbye, cruel world) “diary,” you are automatically banned. You can petition for reinstatement of your account, but it’s not a given that this will be allowed.

I have written to him and heard back; he’s not into Internet friendships right now; he thinks it’s better for his head to pursue 3D relationships. Good for him, I understand. I wrote him back and let him know that I understood, and that my door remained open, should he change his mind.

Daily Kos? Not so much. There, you have to come back, hat in hand, and beg.

Oh, you’re someone whose entire life has been about rejection? Who has had so much trouble with being accepted, just because of who you are?

Too bad, buddy. Beg. Or move on down the line.

Transcript of pantherq’s GBCW below the fold.


There is just too much negativity in the world for me to deal with opening this page and reading about how we are going to deal with it. I have more than enough problem dealing with my own internalized monologue in respect to how messed up this world is.

I was hoping this venue would be a place where I could form interactions in the 3D after making myself known here with my own unique viewpoint. But I guess I have too much crazy for one bag and that has become a liability as far as social interaction is concerned. The one person I have met via Kos has dropped from the face of the earth apparently.

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I can’t in any shape or form believe that it would have been a much better outcome for this branch not to have gotten in the way.


I’ve changed my diet and the reduction in calcium has started to affect the larger bone groups that still haven’t healed. I know from what I remember that this will just be the beginning of the pain. I do have a Dr’s appointment later in the week but it is one of the SSI quarterly inspections so they have the cover to put off making a decision for another ninety days. And if they do make a decision it will to be to reject my benefits again. The last time they acknowledged I have seizures but suggested I go back to working on cars as long as I stay away from fast moving machinery. I guess they never looked under the hood of their own car, or realized the concept of a test drive for someone that randomly passes out as dangerous. Never mind the fact that I haven’t been able to keep a job for longer than a few weeks without fuzing out.

I’d call my representative but the last one’s assistant that I talked to has decided that despite checking the Mr. box on the online form that my preferred form of address would be Miss. I’m sure that they too will decide I’m perfectly adjusted and healthy enough to be employable. It is not like I can afford to go to a real Dr. and actually get my medical issues evaluated fully that would be logical. Instead I can wait for 2014 like the rest of the poor and hope I make it that long.

As to my mental health the roller coaster never ends. And there is no off switch. I slept most of the week last week and this week the pattern has reversed. Well at least I’m not constantly trying to think of ways to off myself so I can say that is a temporary improvement over last week. But that too will return. There is a mental health clinic in town but the last time I went I was in the fetal position and shaking constantly from waiting in the lobby before they decided I had waited long enough to be seen. The the mental health lock up in 12 Monkeys would have been a good template for this place. I have to be very stable to try and make the attempt at getting care there.

The deja vu wont stop and since I have no concrete way of proving or disproving anything that happened last year it just puts me in the state where I can only think of one solution. Even this:


Could be a figment of my fertile imagination and not really proof of anything. Something that just leaves me believing I’m BSC and not really going to get better. Then there is the wondering about who I do need to watch out for that is associated with that branch. Sad thing is I’ve decided at this point that it would be better to accept my fate than to keep trying to swim upstream against the current if it occurs.

So I’m crawling into my lair. I’ve already pretty much quit talking into people in 3D, not like that was hard most people won’t give me the time of day anyway. So this is the next step just quit talking to anyone online, hoping I will actually develop social interactions in the real world. It just won’t happen and having the expectation that it will just makes it all the more disturbing to me when it doesn’t. I’ve had enough. my system has been in the overload status long enough and I have to pull the plug.


P.S. To all those apologists that tell the LGBT community that President Obama is too busy to enact civil rights legislation. Fuck off you homophobic bigots.

That is all.

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