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Another Open Thread

with the Fugs doing Morning, Morning.


Plant A Tree, Go To Jail

The City Council of Carlsbad, New Mexico, on the advice of the city managerial staff; just passed an ordinance instituting stage I water restrictions automatically from April 1 through September 30 of each year. This involves limiting outdoor watering to three days a week, between six p.m. and ten a.m. It also allows bucket watering on the alternate days, but not sprinkler or hose or other water systems. You can be fined up to I think $500 or be jailed for 90 days if you are caught flouting these laws.

Unfortunately, stage I water restrictions also prohibit the planting of lawn, trees or shrubs, and April is when people plant around here. I could understand the City forbidding planting after April, because it starts getting hot fast, but April really is the month to do it, so they have to a great extent just outlawed landscaping. I’ve seen it get down to 15 degrees in March.

I can just imagine all those rich people at the north end of town being told they are forbidden to plant lawn, trees or shrubs in April or May. It will also be interesting to see how the distinction between “shrub” and, say, “herb” is determined.

Of course, if it never rains again, this will all be moot, but all we need is one good rainy year and there will be a revolt of gardeners. Meanwhile I guess people get to learn about container gardening now, which isn’t a bad idea anyway.

In the same measure, they also raised the cost of purchase of city water by industrial users (to use or resell outside city limits) to a little over $20 per 1000 gallons. Considering that municipal users are charged about 1/20th of that, one wonders just how much our water restrictions are due to selling municipal water to the oil and gas companies at municipal rates.

I would think it more sensible to tell everybody “You get x amount of water per household member, and x amount of water per 100 square feet of unimproved land, and you can use it however you want, but if you go over that your rates go up to industrial rates for the overage.” That would make them money; this will cost them a lot of trouble to enforce. How do you enforce it with fenced yards, or ones with obstructing landscaping?

Oh, and let’s not forget that our Mayor was going around earlier this year suggesting that what this town really needs is to double its population.

Strong rain predictions here from tonight through Thursday morning. (In honor of the water restrictions?) Not clear to me that they are going to start this until April, though. Unless the wells go down far enough, which could happen too. We could still get a monsoon, though probably not a strong one.


Nine Eleven

I do not celebrate this day as some kind of righteous holiday of terrible oppression, because it is not.

I do not try to make it something moral, because it is not.

Here is something moral, something of a righteous sense of oppression:

And here is Fafnir:


I like the tags. Happy nineelevenmas, peoples!

I’m bored with the USA too.


Death By Taser



April 25, 2011

This post includes a list of all 684 of these people, with addenda.

The names included in this collection have been traced to at least two data sources and often to many more. As of today, April 25, 2011, this compilation now includes the names of 655 persons who died following shocks from a conducted energy weapon. Three of these deaths occurred after use of shock devices made by other manufacturers.

The list does not include persons who also were shot; or where a gun was mistaken for a taser; or where a shock weapon was used by a criminal during commission of a lethal crime. These are also tragic and worthy of study, but beyond our limits.


Why I Have Few Human Friends

It’s not that I don’t like humans inherently. After all, I am technically of your species.

It would be pleasant to have a few more human friends.

I don’t seem to define friendship the way most humans do, though.

I’m also technically female. The problems add up.

With regards to being human, I despise my culture, because it is blindly destroying most of life on earth. That’s where it’s going, death culture. You wetiko sickness people are just feeding it.

With regards to being female, in my culture, I am not only expected to ignore all of this, in most cases – but I am also expected to engage in socializing with other females, that is all about discussing our bodies, feelings and personal shit. Should real life come up, we are to say; “Oh, it’s all so scary!” and get back to familial whining, gossip, backbiting, discussions of medical visits, and perhaps sharing tips about recipes, body care, and, if I’m lucky; gardening; except I can’t garden here anymore because La Nina is back and water will be done for the good citizens of Carlsbad, New Mexico, sooner or later. We wouldn’t want the mining companies to suffer. They *need* that water, you know.

I *despise* my culture. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good things in it, but they’re mostly stolen. Mostly I despise my culture’s inability to recognize its own rapaciousness, even in the midst of its greatest whining.

I despise my culture because we’re breaking the planet, and because we know it.

I despise myself for being part of my culture. For not having the strength and fearlessness to leave.

How can I talk to “friends” about this? What will they say? That they know it’s all very scary, and then we get shunted back to familial whining and inconclusive medical tests and gossip and backbiting.

How *can* I have friends, in this death culture?

It’s really quite difficult. There is so much verboten, forbidden, not to be spoken of.

We don’t talk about this, here.

This is America.

My friends are mostly the animals and plants around me, the critters in my yard. My long-suffering dog. Humans I invent in my mind, who might understand. Humans I’ve lost, who might have understood. Those far away, who do.

Those are my friends.

Six Feet


Both Blogs Now

Something I wrote today, thinking of Joni.

Trolls and flows

of damaged care

And mojo circus

In the air

And feathered kittens everywhere

I’ve looked at blogs that way.

But now they only are undone

They fail and yell at everyone

So many things we could have done

But blogs got in our way.

tree and sky

I’ve looked at blogs from both sides now

And even when I fail, somehow

It’s blog’s illusions I recall

I really don’t know blogs at all.

Memes and tunes and feeling proud

To love your bloggers right out loud

Dreams and schemes and worker crowds

I’ve looked at blogs that way

But now, it’s just another show

We’re those all laughed at when we go

And then, and then we let them show

We did not go away.

We’ve worked on blogs for ten years now

Things are still hard

But still somehow

Our blog illusion still recalls

This wasn’t ever just a blog

At all.

But now, it’s just another fail

You try to be kind when you bail

And if you care, don’t make them wail

Don’t give yourself away.

I’ve looked at blogs from both sides now

From soon and late, and still somehow

It’s all the bloggers I recall

I really don’t know blogs at all

With the deepest love and respect to Joni Mitchell.

And now old friends are everywhere

I see them sometimes, in the air.

“Is that you?” I wonder. “Will you care

To give yourself away?”

I’ve looked at blogs from both sides now

From loss and hope

To fail and rope

Still, blog illusions all recall

We really ha’nt made blogs

at all.


Ever Hear Of Locksmiths?

Woman sues Venice, saying police roughed her up

Herald-Tribune, Florida, September 7

This is a story about a drunk woman who threw a visitor out of her own apartment, and refused to let him back in when he realized he’d left his keys inside. He called the police and the woman would not let the officer responding into the apartment. The officer then got a key from the manager and entered the apartment, without a search warrant. She then apparently threatened to attack the officer, upon which he cuffed and arrested her “for her own protection.” The charge was “obstructing an officer.”

So I guess the next time I want to fuck with somebody, I can just tell the nearest police officer I left something inside the person’s apartment and she won’t give it back? And then he gets to go in and arrest her, if he can harass somebody into giving him a key? What fun!


Israel Continues To Dig Their Own Grave

Ah, Israel. What are you going to do when you run out of bombs?

You don’t really think you’re going to run out of Arabic people, do you?

A sad, tiny nation of sad, oppressed people.

Do you really believe you can solve this by killing everyone who will not support your killing?

Oh, Israel.

You become smaller all the time.


Remind Me Why We Don’t Like Monarchy

Prince Charles warns of ‘sixth extinction event’

The Telegraph, Sept 9

In his first speech as the new President of the Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK, Prince Charles suggested ‘surviving ourselves’ should be a priority.

Referring to himself as “an endangered species”, he warned that the world is already in the “sixth extinction event”, with species dying out at a much faster rate than at any time since the death of most of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Despite campaigning for years on global warming, he said climate change was not the only problem but merely speeding up the “rapacious” destruction of natural resources like water, land and food that humans need to survive.


Rick Perry: All Hat And No Cattle

Texas healthcare system withering under Gov. Perry

L.A. Times, today

Reporting from San Angelo, Texas—
When Texas went to court last year to block President Obama’s healthcare overhaul, Gov. Rick Perry pledged to do everything in his power to “protect our families, taxpayers and medical providers.” Texas, he said, could manage its own healthcare.

He cares. He really does.

Oh, wait…

But in the 11 years the Republican presidential hopeful has been in office, working Texans increasingly have been priced out of private healthcare while the state’s safety net has withered, leaving millions of state residents without medical care.

…nearly a third of the state’s children did not receive an annual physical and a teeth cleaning in 2007, placing Texas 40th in a state ranking by the (nonprofit “Commonwealth Fund.”) Over the last decade, infant mortality rates have risen in Texas while declining nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Oh,well. That paper is in California. You know how silly they all are.

Rick Perry is your friend.

Just don’t smile at him too closely. Or your kids either.