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Modern American Christianity


I pity Religious Studies scholars in the distant future, who are going to have to explain this particular mass psychosis.








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    • OMG Miep — It’s a Miracle!

      The Jesus Toaster, by Burnt Impressions

      • Ya know, and just go figure. I bet it’s not a meme.

        Oh well. I talked to some people on r/islam about the Q’uran, and how I should read the Q’uran, because here we are attacking all of these predominately Islamic countries and we don’t even know anything about their religion.

        So they gave me many suggestions about what to read, and I mail-ordered one Q’uran, one with translations/discussions. And another person wrote me and offered to send me a Q’uran if I was willing to entrust to him my mailing information.

        This person wound up direct-shipping me a couple of brand new books by Jamaal al-Din M. Zarabozo, on how to approach and understand the Q’uran, and also Purification of the Soul.

        I guess Christians might in some cases do that for me if I expressed interest. But I already know enough about them.


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