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Today I got up at four, and was the first person at a yard sale down the street, where I purchased a six inch cast iron frying pan, an enamel teapot to boil water in, and an excellent black rayon Hawaiian shirt with stylized yellow and orange dragons, for a total of five dollars.

Then I went to the Cat’s Meow thrift shop that is an organ of the local animal welfare foundation that runs the local animal shelter, and gave them a box of books I neither need nor can profitably sell, and also spent two dollars on four books, two of which I might be able to sell for around three fifty, another I will give back, and a fourth I will read.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought some stuff to make lasagna with.

Then I came home and worked on things some, and then I walked Casey out to the vet to get the rest of his shots caught up.

He found this experience fabulous as always. It made my feet hurt for awhile afterwards but it was a good walk with only one loose uncollared potentially rabid Chihuahua to fend off. I didn’t worry about this before the skunk rabies outbreak; previous I merely found it annoying. Casey as always sees this as all in a dog’s day’s work. No starter of fights, my dog, though I have noticed that after managing the occasional attack, he tends to smirk a bit.

Fortunately I had not yet at that point forgotten and left my stick somewhere though I did manage to do so prior to our returning home. Fortunately there are always more sticks.

When we got to the vet they weren’t back from lunch yet so we got to kind of hang around with the other customers out front for about fifteen minutes while the train went by at one point and sufficiently alarmed Casey that he asked me rather strongly whether we could not perhaps go into the vet’s now to get away from the train. (the tracks are quite close by, pretty much a couple-three lots away).

I discussed this with Dr. H. as well, Casey’s great love of the vets and fear of alien noise. Case does not love the machine gods not quite as much as he does not love the thunder gods, but he is fond of neither.

Dr H. said that some dogs are very phobic but others just love them, those vets. Very specific critters, dogs.

Dr. H. turned out to be the main vet who knows me personally via social contacts involving S.B. and P and B, which I had almost forgotten. Usually Case and I see the other guy. So we got to catch up about stuff like S.B. being dead and P having left B after he sold his house here so he could live in a trailer with her so she could go to school and marry him, and we both agreed that generally people are mysterious but also we would have preferred B not sell that house.

Then Casey and I walked back and stopped by the post office, which one can do here with one’s dog. And on home with my feet indeed very sore.

And then I did some more chore stuff and made marinara sauce for the lasagna and somehow I suspect I am not going to make it to the seven a.m. yard sales tomorrow but there won’t be that many and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As well, this essay won’t have a photograph, as I failed to take more photographs of Casey today, which was foolish of me. I will remedy that this weekend, if something else does not become more immediate. Meanwhile, Casey is good to go just about anywhere he might need to go. Next, gotta work on myself.


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