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The Ides of Spring


I never really got how we were supposed to be permanently worried about mid-March just because a Roman Emperor came to a bad end then. I blame Shakespeare.

It’s most definitely Spring here in Carlsbad, New Mexico. We got the greening of the Bermuda grass, we got the flowering of at least some of the trees, including my forsythia. We are experiencng also the lovely windstorms, which, though duly impressive, are fortunately also occasional. At the moment.

But the Ides will come soon, I fear. Drought Kali Mother is relentless.

I’m planting anyway. In pots. Large pots. So I can put them under the trees when it Really Gets Bad.

And then I can put the dog pool under the largest Tree as well, and we can all slosh around there, me and the Dogs, watering the Tree.

I am Prepared. I may have to live underwater for some time in July. That reminds me: I should order Straws. Or learn to make them from reeds.

One can never be too careful


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