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Judy Collins, Live, 2010


James McMurtry

h/t to Bill Wiltrack


Arlo Guthrie Thanksgiving

h/t to Kestrel9000


The Piano Has Been Drinking

Tom Waits. I fished around for this and found some people throwing rocks at Tom Waits.

I cannot say how this sort of ongoing hassling of straight up great musicians, pisses me off.

Here is the most beautiful one:


Jimi Hendrix Videos

And, more. Like a Rolling Stone.


Another Open Thread

with the Fugs doing Morning, Morning.


Both Blogs Now

Something I wrote today, thinking of Joni.

Trolls and flows

of damaged care

And mojo circus

In the air

And feathered kittens everywhere

I’ve looked at blogs that way.

But now they only are undone

They fail and yell at everyone

So many things we could have done

But blogs got in our way.

tree and sky

I’ve looked at blogs from both sides now

And even when I fail, somehow

It’s blog’s illusions I recall

I really don’t know blogs at all.

Memes and tunes and feeling proud

To love your bloggers right out loud

Dreams and schemes and worker crowds

I’ve looked at blogs that way

But now, it’s just another show

We’re those all laughed at when we go

And then, and then we let them show

We did not go away.

We’ve worked on blogs for ten years now

Things are still hard

But still somehow

Our blog illusion still recalls

This wasn’t ever just a blog

At all.

But now, it’s just another fail

You try to be kind when you bail

And if you care, don’t make them wail

Don’t give yourself away.

I’ve looked at blogs from both sides now

From soon and late, and still somehow

It’s all the bloggers I recall

I really don’t know blogs at all

With the deepest love and respect to Joni Mitchell.

And now old friends are everywhere

I see them sometimes, in the air.

“Is that you?” I wonder. “Will you care

To give yourself away?”

I’ve looked at blogs from both sides now

From loss and hope

To fail and rope

Still, blog illusions all recall

We really ha’nt made blogs

at all.


Leave Those Kids Alone


Teh Great Mystery

Street Scene

(photo credit: Ed Park)




Raptor Migration

(photocredit: Ed Park)

John Lennon