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Water Wars


This outlines the local situation reasonably well. A few of the early settlers here (fin d’ siecle) were farseeing and nailed down senior water rights for Carlsbad, which continues to be pretty strong in this department. As the droughts continue and temperatures rise a bit, surface water storage is going to become even less effective and it’s going to become increasingly obvious that water is best stored underground.

The dissent is as always about the flow of the Pecos and how much it’s affected by pumping. But this dissent links directly into above-ground storage. Ultimately people in the region should recognize that they are fighting the wrong battle and should address pumping overall, not the flow of the Pecos specifically, but that would mean fighting water rights that are over 100 years old.

Meanwhile what will probably happen is the mining companies will buy up the land with water rights as the drought continues and farming will suffer a severe setback in the region, which is likely a good idea, except that at least with farming, the water is given back in some manner – mining tends to pollute and even sequester it. 


Bonny Reservoir in Colorado To Be Emptied

Colorado empties popular lake to pay its water bill

The Telegraph, just now. h/t to Kranky_Old_Dude on reddit.

More on the drought.

Bonny Reservoir, a much-loved tourist spot in eastern Colorado, is being drained after the state exceeded its allowance under a 1942 agreement with its neighbours on sharing the Republican River.

The gates of the reservoir have been opened, allowing the water to run naturally along the Republican River to its new home states. Biologists have been scrambling to move the fish that bring thousands of anglers to Bonny each year.

To where? Some other reservoir that will be drained? Fish can’t live in rivers any more? So sad.

yes, I know there are fish and then there are fish, but that just made me laugh sadly.


The water board in Texas, which is currently experiencing its worst drought in 80 years, recently warned the state “does not and will not have enough water to meet the needs of its people, and its businesses, and its agricultural enterprises” if the dry spell continues.

I read recently that New Mexico was starting it up in court with Texas about the water contract on the Pecos again. yeah, next year could be very interesting for our region, as we become increasingly dependent on the recharge of rechargable aquifers.

Also, another link from the same redditor:

LEAVING LAS VEGAS: The Deserted Casinos And Unfinished Hotels Of Sin City

Business Insider, today. Photoessay of many abandoned casinos and related building projects in Las Vegas, Nevada. Maybe these people are a little worried about Lake Mead too, eh? Are we to believe people have given up on vice? Perish the thought!

Nah, I bet they all just do it on the Internet now. Cheaper. Times are tough. That must be it.


Water In The Bank

Storing Water for a Dry Day Leads to Suits


Interesting article about people in California pumping out groundwater and storing it in their own private underground reservoirs, for later resale, as water availability becomes more erratic.